Financial Information

What is an ETF?

An ETF is short for exchange-traded funds.  It is an investment fund traded on stock exchanges, much like stocks.  ETFs are used to group sectors of industry and create less risk for investors.  Let’s look at an example. The best… Read More ›


“Truth be told, if you keep buying high and selling low, you should stay out of the stock market, because you’re losing money. Your primary goal as an investor should be not to lose money.” – Carl Richards The market… Read More ›

The First Steps of Bollinger Bands

SPY Chart by TradingView In the 1980s, John Bollinger, an American author, Financial analyst and contributor to the field of technical analysis developed the indicator “Bollinger Bands” Bollinger bands are a functional tool that combines moving averages and standard deviations… Read More ›

What is a Recession?

Economic recessions are a period of temporary economic decline when global trade and industrial activity are reduced. Recessions are recognized when there is a fall in GDP in two successive quarters. There have been 47 recessions within the U.S since… Read More ›

Our Ratios

Something new to us is the ratios you see in the sidebar.  These ratios are used to get a feeling for a company’s liquidity, activity, and profitability.  The ratios are broken into three categories called Solvency (liquidity), Efficiency (activity), and… Read More ›

What is a Dividend?

A dividend is a reward paid to the shareholders for their investment in a company’s equity, and it usually derives from a companies net profits. Dividends are decided and managed by the company’s board of directors. Cash dividends are most… Read More ›

Investor VS Consumer

A portfolio can say a lot of different things about your investment strategies. Are you looking for long term or short term gains? Are you investing in startups or fortune 500 companies? Are you playing earnings reports? I personally follow… Read More ›