$LBPS The Next Big Biotech Drug Approval

$LBPS was originally $LOAC which was a SPAC that merged on March 17th, 2021 it merged with 4D Pharma: Leaders in Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs) to Revolutionize Treatments for Numerous Medical Conditions. Now the trick with this SPAC is not… Read More ›


$GHIV is merging with United Wholesale Mortgage with a transaction value of $16.1 billion. The Merger date is January 22nd, 2021. This transaction value will make UWM the largest SPAC transaction ever. UWM is already the #2 mortgage originator and the #1 wholesale originator in the U.S., making… Read More ›

$NGA The Next EV SPAC to blow up

Lions vehicles are purpose-built for electricity and entirely designed and assembled in house. Lion Electric is a very diverse company. They produce EV busses and also produce electric trucks and batteries, that reduce or eliminate exhaust emissions to combat global… Read More ›

SPAC Cannabis Play $SBVCF

California is the gold coast for cannabis it is the largest and most influential cannabis market in the world, and The Parent Company $SBVCF has the most revenue, brand portfolio, and Strongest balance sheet compared to rival companies, and its… Read More ›

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