Financial Freedom 101 started in the summer of 2019 in a basement with the goal of sharing our financial knowledge with friends and family. Since then the blog and its creators have grown in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Our core goals have not changed but through our experiences, in college and professional life we have learned priceless information and life lessons that we share here on our blog. As the team behind Financial Freedom 101 grows and evolves, so does the blog!

Our Goals

  • Educate high school and college students about financial literacy and life’s challenges
  • Show alternate techniques to create multiple streams of income and save money
  • Talk about the experiences and failures we encounter on our path to financial freedom

The idea for the blog stems from our transition from high school to college.  After spending two years in the market we realized how much traditional education left out about the real world.  We here at Financial Freedom 101 want to help fill the void in teenagers and young adults regarding your basic financials.  Hopefully while reading through the blog you will pick up little tips and tricks to better suit your lifestyle.

Let’s build something together!


Michael Tagaris is a mechanical engineer who graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in May 2021. He also competed as a varsity athlete playing baseball at RPI. Currently, he is working to obtain a position as a product manager. During his free time, Michael furthers his knowledge of the stock market, industry sectors, real estate, and the overall economy.  Most of this knowledge is gathered through reading articles and books, trading stocks, keeping up to date with the current news, and reviewing earnings reports.  Michael also has the ability to think outside the box when problem-solving. His goal is to use his growing knowledge to become financially free and use this blog to bring to light all the possibilities young adults can utilize to achieve their own financial freedom.

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-tagaris/

Bodhi Gallo is the co-owner of a Carting and Junk Removal business. Owning a business is something he always wanted to do so when an opportunity presented itself, he seized it. The business was purchased in May 2021 with one of Bodhi’s teammates from his College lacrosse team. He is obsessed with the stock market and growing his mind by listening to podcasts and reading books and articles. Bodhi also has a knack for networking and building win-win relationships. His goal in life is to be financially free by developing multiple streams of income.  Bodhi intends to do this by living below his means and freelancing through the internet trading stocks and using self-taught skills in social media marketing.

Linkedin- https://www.linkedin.com/in/bodhigallo/

Business Website- tntjunkboys.com

Disclaimer – We are not Professionals, please visit our disclaimer page.

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