Should Financial Literacy be taught in High School?

Yes, it should, High School fails to teach students personal finance. Instead, schools make students sit through classes forcing them to learn math that they will never use or be part of uncooperative group projects where one student does all the work. At the same time, high school tests the memorization of the material, not the application needed for the real world. Also, young adults are expected to take out huge loans for college, and the banks are more than happy to give away $200,000 loans expecting students to understand the burden they will be carrying for the next 8-12 years. Young adults have never experienced that amount of money and don’t how to handle it without the necessary tools and lessons. This is why there is over 70% of college graduates come out with debt. If we had Financial Literacy classes, it would TEACH students the basics of money management, budgeting, saving, and managing debt. Millions of Americans struggle each week living paycheck to paycheck stuck in the rat race, not being able to save up for anything over time. Schools should be prioritizing teaching students how to do their taxes, correctly fill out a W-2 form, manage their paychecks, apply for internships, prepare for interviews, and the basics of investment. Instead, they force us to sit in a classroom learning information that a majority of the students will forget after class or never use it in their lifetime. Schools also give the same test to every student. Where they expect the future engineer and English professor to get good grades on a history lesson. In the real world, you have the opportunity to excel in your field of interest, not the ones teachers create for you. The education system is failing students and ruining their chances to achieve financial freedom. After graduating from high school I can look back and realize why students were either excited or became discouraged for their future. The education system needs to be changed!

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