How We can Fill the Financial Void in Young Adults

Throughout the great years of high school, no one ever sat me down to discuss what possibilities I could have financially in the future. All my teachers, guidance counselors, and coaches only asked me how my grades are, what do I want to study, or what was I planning to do after I graduated high school. Not once did someone explain to me how to divvy up my weekly paychecks from work, or teach me how to spend my money properly, or even how to grow my finances with what I currently had.
One of the goals of this blog is to educate young adults, high school or college students on the different opportunities they have financially. We knew very little in the beginning. About 3 years ago, I made my first investment into Amazon, and then a few months later, I bought Home Depot, Apple, and McDonald’s. This was around the time of 8/5/17. Since then, my portfolio has grown tenfold in the number of shares, and I have increased my initial investment 5x. Continuing to invest my money correctly and gain valuable knowledge of the market has had a fantastic effect on me. Below you can see the photo on the right is from 1/12/18 and the picture on the right is from 7/24/19



Please use this as an example to show you the potential growth you could have in your own portfolio.  If you told me 3 years ago this is where my portfolio would be I would call you crazy.  Yet I have learned how to cut expenses, create forms of income, divvy up my paychecks for success, and grow my portfolio.

With patience, consistency, and proper education from the blog you can achieve the same success!


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