3 Ways To Invest In Your Self

The best investment in your life is you. Many feel that their best investment is their real estate properties or their stock portfolio; both are essential in achieving financial freedom! But the without truly investing in yourself, real estate and a stock portfolio can be held back due to poor personal knowledge.

When investing in yourself, you control your fate; not somebody else. Pursuing your dreams is essential to living a happy fulfilling life.

You are the most important person when it comes to putting your health first, and then your energy towards what you love to do that yields money after that.  However, for many, they place themselves last on the list when it comes to investing time, money, and resources. Humans get too caught up in their work life and trying to impress others. Investing in yourself is not selfish. In fact, by helping make your life better, you will by default make the lives better of everyone else around you. It is the best way to ensure that you are prepared for a successful future. In momentarily sacrificing your time for many others and instead remain focused on yourself and improving your own life, you subsequently will become a life raft for those who are willing to improve themselves but may be drowning.


Health is wealth. A man will give up time for money when he is younger but then will give money up for time when he gets old.

Ages 18 to 26 is a critical time in life and it is the building blocks of the life you would like to build. What happens during these years has profound and long-lasting implications for young adults’ future employment and career paths and for their economic security, health, and well-being.Your physical health needs to be conditioned and exercised daily – proper nutrition for fuel combined with an active lifestyle to be a high performer. Use it or lose it!

Not only physical health is important but mental health has to be addressed in the same manner. If you have problems with your mental health, start by committing 10% of each day to yourself, doing whatever you desire. Spend time with family, cook a meal, meditate, read, go for a walk, see a movie, etc. It doesn’t have to be three continuous hours, just three hours for yourself per day. Practicing this will go a long way in life and will bring you happiness even on the worst days. Doing what you love for three hours for YOU is key for mental and physical health.

A strong, sharp body deserves a strong, sharp mind; with out the two complements, you are incomplete.

Self Education

By Investing in your education, you have a constant reminder that there are things in your life that you could always improve on. Self-education doesn’t necessarily mean more school — its as simple as reading a book, taking a certification course or even attending a new conference.

Who’s more intelligent? — the older man who learns everything he’s going to learn in life and closes his mind at 22 years old, or the older man who continues to learn new things everyday?

After school is over it is crucial to keep growing your mind and staying curious about life, technology and the world. The world hands you knowledge, you just have to be aware and willing to accept it.

I use to hate education when I was younger, but now I look at it like food, water, and exercise. I need a constant supply of educating my brain on things I don’t know much about.

Education is the only true life long investment specifically for you. You can lose everything tangible you’ve gained in life but the only possession you will never lose is your knowledge. If you learn how to build a business, you will always be able to make money; if you have a skill that people depend on, you will never be out of a job. Thats why its important in life that you must keep feeding your brain knowledge or you will be a product of the 9-5 rat race.



Regardless of what stage you are at in life or your career, networking is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Over 80% of job seekers say that their network has helped them find workNetworking contacts can help with more than job leads. They can provide referrals or insider information about companies you might be interested in working for.

I have built a large network of investors through my own Discord channel and the Augury Research discord channel. By building and joining these channels I have made connections with people all over the world and made life long friends who i talk to each day about investing and life goals.

Networking in the workplace is also super important. As you develop relationships with those in your department, networking is a great way to find potential mentors; during my first summer internship, I was lucky enough to work with the company’s creative director, who was able to teach me a ton about the company and marketing itself. I still speak to him today, and he is someone I will always be able to reach out to if I have questions about future jobs and marketing strategies.

Over 80% of job seekers say that their network has helped them find workNetworking contacts can help with more than job leads. They can provide referrals or insider information about companies you might be interested in working for.

Final Thoughts

One of the most important rules in life is for you to “Invest in yourself”If you don’t, who else will? 

If you don’t invest in yourself, you will remain where you are and create the same results you are creating now. This means you will remain in your comfort zone, which will affect your attitude and outlook on life. Being in your comfort zone is one of the worst possible feelings you could have in life, The best thing you can do for yourself is to make investing in yourself one of your priorities.

Live life by making small micro goals and eventually those micro goals will turn into macro successes; the more you set goals, invest in yourself and put in the work, the more you will live a meaningful, self fulfilling life.

Invest in yourself because your future depends on it.

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