Is it fair that college is making me pay for online classes?

No, it is not fair. This past year I have been contemplating if College was even worth it for me. I sit through mindless classes ON MY LAPTOP, learning outdated stuff taught over the computer. It is super disinteresting and has made me hit an all-time low in motivation.

I was never a good student and had a 2.2 GPA in high school. I am in my last semester of college and now have a 3.5 overall GPA from hard work. But has this hard work made me a more intuitive person?

No, it has not; what has made me a more intelligent person is endlessly scrolling the internet and listening to podcasts, reading books, and talking to professionals, not by teachers. I am paying $30,000 a year to learn online? Is this a joke? The college education system is a complete scam, and thinking back to 2017, if I had just invested what I paid to go to college, I would be a millionaire right now and not be worrying about making up assignments that I couldn’t even find because of this skewed “online learning system.”

Learning online is horrible, and it has completely ruined my college experience to the point I can’t stand to even look at my laptop anymore because of how much I hate “going” to class online. My school endlessly does these safety pauses, and I have not been in class for three weeks.

Is this fair? Is College giving me the proper education I need? I don’t think so.

One of the main reasons I created this blog was because I felt school was not giving me enough for my education, and that was PRE COVID; if I was an 18 year old today and knew I wanted to get into marketing, I would have done every single Hubspot and Google Marketing certification available to me. Instead, I’ve suffered through classes at school that have not only made me question the education system, but it has made me feel great resentment to the system and how kids these days go to school because everyone else is.

I am super thankful that I could create this blog and practice marketing techniques myself. I’ve had multiple interviews and even some job offers, and not a single interviewer has asked or even cared about my GPA. That’s because life is about EXPERIENCE; it isn’t about getting good grades at school.

I don’t completely hate the education system. Still, I think it is abysmal, and a lot of people are being forced to go to school because it’s what society wants for them, as people school breeds us to be workers and work for someone else not actually working for your own self to develop your own asset.

The Federal Reserve estimates that in quarter three of 2020, Americans owed more than $1.7 trillion in student loans — an increase of nearly 4% compared to quarter three of 2019. The decades-long increase in student debt is even more noticeable when compared to decades prior.

Ask yourself this question.

What has College taught me, and how has it made me a better person?

For me, that answer, if College opened my eyes to how cruel this world is and how so many people are absolute followers and just go to college because their parents force them to or their friends are going; College is not for everyone. ONLINE LEARNING is an absolutely horrible way to teach students; it has dried the motivation out of me and makes me resent the system as a whole.

Are you paying for classes or a piece of paper saying you graduated?

Thanks for reading my rant 🙂

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